Totsukawa’s Summer Festival!!

When my supervisor first met Trevor, he highly recommended for us to attend a festival the next day (Sunday, August 16). We didn’t receive the car back from the shop, so the following day we walked to Hotel Subaru where the event was taking place. What could have been a 10 minute drive thus turned into an hour and a half walk from our place to the hotel. Given it was very healthy of us to get some exercise, but we knew when it came time for us to go home, we would hitch a ride with my supervisor to avoid pitch black roads, traffic, and very hard rain.

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Crazy Suspension Bridges!!

Trevor arrived in Japan last Wednesday late afternoon. From a combination of factors such as not yet receiving the car back from the shop and many of the teachers being away for obon, (Obon is a Buddhist holiday where it is believed that ancestors come back for the time being; as a result, many return to their hometowns to visit family) I had to take the local bus up to Kashihara City to meet up with Trevor while he was (fortunately!) being assisted by my good friend from Osaka, Eri and her family. The 4-hour bus ride made two stops for breaks to and from Totsukawa: one at an Aeon mall and the other at the famous Tanize Suspension Bridge, located 40 minutes from where we are living.

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Tokyo Orientation in Shinjuku! *Picture heavy!!!*

Prior to my arrival to Totsukawa village, there was a three day orientation in Shinjuku, Tokyo. We landed at Narita airport around 3 or 4 pm, and after a couple hours of getting through immigration, baggage claim, and customs, followed by an hour drive to the Keio Plaza hotel, we were finally in Japan. T.O. for the most part was very useful and informative. I have never had any formal teaching experience, so the teaching seminars were (at least for me) very helpful.

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