Silver Week (Pt.1): Namba and Tennoji (Picture Heavy!!)

What is Silver Week you ask? Good question, because I had no idea what it was either. All I knew was that it meant “holiday!!!” for me and the other teachers and staff in school. So I googled it and learned quite a bit of interesting information about the Japanese holiday system, especially in regards to Silver Week.

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Mt. Tamaki and Tamaki Shrine!!

Last month when I first got the car, I figured it would be best to stick around the village for the weekend before I tried driving anywhere remotely city-like. I practiced driving to two of the convenience stores in the village, both relatively easy to get to. I then decided to drive to the top of Mt. Tamaki on the following Sunday afternoon. The drive was easier than I expected and it gave me great practice in maneuvering on the sharp and narrow turns the inaka is well known for.

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