What’s Been Going On??? (Sept.11 Update)

It’s been a while since I posted… Wow, I already suck at blogging ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Anyways, sorry about that! Here’s a quick update on what’s been going on:

1: I actually started working!

The second semester for the students started early September- which meant I was finally going to be a part of the school curriculum! WOOHOO!!! I could finally start getting things ready and prepared instead of always sitting at my desk doing nothing except study Japanese and feeling like a horrible person because I felt useless!

The Vice Principal of the high school told me beforehand to prepare aย speech for the Opening Ceremonies… Little did I know…

My reaction when the Vice Principal told me to make a 5 minute self-introduction.

Yeah, that wasn’t going to happen…

I was told by many of the teachers that my high school’s level of English is very low compared to other schools. Because of that, I decided to do my speech entirely in Japanese. I prepared a draft, had my JTE and supervisor check and properly translate some sentences and ended up (with what I thought) was a good self introduction. ๐Ÿ˜€ I was really happy to hear from many of the other teachers that my Japanese sounded very good and fluent! Now if only I could become fluent…


The first class for the students that included me were primarily focused on my self-introduction… which I did about seven times already. It gets a little repetitive for the students, especially because many of them are in more than one English course. but I really hope it gets them use to hearing me speak. I’m hoping to get the opportunity to prepare activities to get the students moving and have fun using English!

Today, I started doing my first official non-self-introduction classes at my visit school, the Junior High School. I think it went pretty well…

I can tell that English is not a loved subject… *sad*

But like with the high school students, I’m hoping I can get these kids to be open and have fun learning English! Doing club activities with the junior high school students helps. I get to interact with the students in what I think is definitely a more comfortable and fun environment for them. Today, I spent time with the volleyball team and exercised with the girls! Working out with them makes me feel so old… I feel like I’m not in shape!

How I feltย working out in god-knows-how-long.

I’m hoping for the best~

2: I’m driving!

In reality, I’m driving a Suzuki Wagon. Small, but better than nothing!

I received my car maybe 3 or 4 weeks after I arrived in Totsukawa. My fear of driving was what I think merely anticipation for driving and being able to get around. Driving on the left hand side of the road was much easier than I thought (Though I still continue mixing up the blinker and the windshield wipers…). Getting around on the mountain roads is something I’m becoming used to (Yes!) and I’m happy to know that I can get us home safely even at night time. So far, I have driven to the top of Mt. Tamaki, Gojo City, and Hashimoto in Wakayama.

I’m relieved that my Vice Principal and supervisor aren’t worried about me driving around anymore… considering I may have frightened them with how slow and how close I was to the edge of the road when I first started driving… LOL. I’m improving though!

3: I experienced my first earthquake?! (Today!)


Yes, but it was so subtle. It honestly sounded like there was construction next door and they dropped something very heavy. The earthquake actually occurred in Wakayama but I guess it wouldn’t be surprising for Totsukawa to feel it since we are technically closer to Wakayama than Nara City.

Trevor on the other hand actually woke up from the bed shaking! The high school is quiteย closer to Wakayama so for him, the earthquake was much more prominent.

4: We saw our first MONKEYS and DEER on the road!

No, not dead. BUT YES, I FINALLY GOT TO SEE THE MONKEYS THAT EVERYONE WAS TALKING ABOUT. LEGIT snow monkeys and a deer not from Nara Park. THREE MONKEYS including a BABY on its mother’s back!! Sooooo cute!

The amount of cuteness that day I can’t explain.

Now to find a wild tanuki and I will be a very happy girl.

My goal is to find this. SO CUTE. WHY YOU SO CUTE.

Expect these kinds of posts when there hasn’t been any updates in a while… Thanks!

(P.S. A lot of these images are stolen off the internet, no credit to me or anything, just wanted to put that out there)


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