The JET Programme Video Contest

“The JET Programme Video Contest’s aim is to promote the charms and appeal of Japan’s local communities as seen through the eyes of JET participants. 
The JET Programme will mark its 30th anniversary in 2016. This video contest is being held as a pre-event to the anniversary celebration.”

Since our arrival in Japan, Trevor has been spending a lot of time utilizing his camera whenever we’re out and about exploring the village or other parts of the Kansai region. Asides from taking photos, one of the things he loves to do is film. He’s been recording clips here and there initially for our own personal use, but with the announcement of this year’s JET Program Video Contest, he decided to use his recordings to create a video for submission to this contest.

The theme of this contest is: “Japan’s Local Communities as experienced by JET Programme Participants.”


We’ve only been in Japan for about 6 months now, and there has been so much we’ve done that it was difficult to put absolutely everything into a 3-min video. For Trevor’s video, we decided to go more towards a montage of the things we’ve done and seen; our experiences have been so plentiful so far, and have gone by so quickly, that we thought a montage would be perfect. This video would also be great to show our family and friends back home, since we don’t update them as often as we should.

Of course with it being a contest, there are other entries as well. Ours may not be as spectacular as other entries, but I love ours as it not only gives viewers a glimpse of what JET participants can experience, but it’s also a very nice way to collect some of the memories we’ve made here so far.

Our video is titled: With Love From Totsukawa: A Glimpse of Our Life in Japan. If you have the time, please check it out, and if you like it, please give us a vote! You can vote once per day. If we happen to place a prize, we will get domestic travel expenses which will hopefully give us the opportunity to explore more of Japan!

Click here to go to the JET Programme Video Contest

Thanks for all your time- we hope you enjoy our video!


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