McDonald’s Limited Time Olympics and Moon Viewing Special Promotion

In my opinion, McDonald’s in Japan is far more superior than McDonald’s back home in the States. There are some menu items here that are the same, such as the Big Mac and Double Cheeseburger, but even then, somehow, it tastes… not as artery clogging as their American counterparts. Japan may not have a big McCafe menu or M&M McFlurries (cries), but their limited time promotions make up for that and much more. It gives the well-known fast food chain a nice change from the norm.

Trevor and I have seen some of the special promotions during our time here. During cherry blossom season, we saw shaka-shaka fries with a special plum seasoning and for a while, they did a Hawaiian special. However, the promotion they did only recently was the one that blew us away. The Olympics Special is by far our favorite promotion that McDonald’s has done.


The burgers that they promoted were two editions of the Certain Victory Burger. (“Certain Victory,” clearly being the promotion’s main slogan.) The first was a beef and pineapple burger while the other was a breaded and fried chicken with tomato. After trying it for the first time, Trevor declared that the beef and pineapple burger was the best sandwich that he has ever had at McDonald’s, beating out even the Mega Mac and Grand Mac!


During their promotion, McDonald’s was also selling the “Certain Victory Box”- which contained: chicken nuggets, fries, and waffle fries!!

In addition to two amazingly delicious burgers, for the duration of the special, McDonald’s also served… WAFFLE FRIES. Oh hallelujah!!! They were so well-seasoned, I almost felt like I was back home in the States. There was also a peach flavored McShake that Trevor thought tasted like those sour peach rings, and a banana tart McFlurry, which upon eating it for the first time, became my favorite McFlurry flavor I’ve ever had.


Worth the calories. (Certain Victory Box on the left; Trevor’s Beef and Pineapple Certain Victory Burger on the right)

It’s September now though, and the Olympics special has ceased to exist anymore (sadly)… However, what I suppose is very nice about McDonald’s in Japan is that it feels like every month, there is a new special that they’re doing. This month, it’s Moon Viewing season, so there are three special 月見 (Moon viewing) burgers, each with an egg slice on it. We tried a couple of them, and we thought they were pretty good, though Trevor obviously wishes they were still selling the Certain Victory burgers lol.


The packaging here always surprises me- so nice.

For dessert one night, we opted to try a triangular-shaped pie with a peach-cream filling inside. It looks as if the peaches used are Wakayama peaches? Either way, it was a very delicious dessert.

Peach cream pie… nom~

I don’t remember when, but at one point, McDonald’s was selling fries with chocolate sauce. YUM!!!


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