Halloween in Osaka 2016!!

It’s way past Halloween, I know, but I didn’t want to forget writing about how much fun Trevor and I had in Osaka. To be honest, this was our first time in a long time having a mini-vacation to ourselves. Every other time we’ve had to come up north and stay at a hotel it was always for something work-related. So this was a much needed break and time away from our quaint village life. We looove Osaka anyways, so we didn’t mind spending a couple nights in a bustling and entertaining city!

So what is Halloween like in Japan?

My supervisor told me that when he was in high school, Halloween actually wasn’t very popular (he’s 27 to give you an idea) but that now recently, the trend has been growing and growing. Supermarkets here promote Halloween treats and costumes, and stores like Baskin Robins even have special Halloween promotions that only occur during Halloween.

It was hard to hold myself back when there were so many Halloween themed treats available. Pumpkin dome cake from 7-Eleven, purple pumpkin Halloween fries from McDonalds and a monster ice cream character from Baskin Robins. Delicious!

Can’t forget about the limited time autumn and Halloween drinks!

In my opinion, spending Halloween in Osaka is one of the funnest things to do in Japan. Although there are some locals/tourists who give you strange looks even though you’re wearing your Halloween costume when it’s Halloween weekend UGH there are always some people who appreciate your enthusiasm for the tradition. Last year, I wore my lion kigurumi to a taco place and Trevor and I had our photo taken for the restaurant’s Facebook page!

This year we went as an Alice duo- Alice in Wonderland and Alice Cooper. By chance, we managed to book a couple of nights at a decently affordable apartment complex that was only a 5 minute walk to the busier parts of the area!! This was the best hotel we’ve stayed in yet.

I think Trevor looks A LOT like Alice Cooper!

We walked around the areas we usually like to walk around: Dotonbori, Shinsaibashi, etc. However, we both decided to go towards an area that Trevor has never been around before: Amemura. I think this area is known for attracting a lot of the younger and more youthful crowd. While walking around, we spotted several cars decked out for Halloween! Btw that pink Ferrari is amazing and is my new favorite car. It’s SO SPARKLY.

“Amemura” means “American Village.” (Shorten the first part of America and combine that with the Japanese word for “village” which is “mura.”) Upon walking through this area of Osaka, we immediately noticed more people in costumes and the atmosphere almost seemed more youthful and less tourist-y than an area like Dotonbori. In particular, Triangle Park was bustling because of Halloween weekend. There were cars decked out for the occasion and a lot of fun and interesting costumes. And also an awkward attempt at a dance party?

triangle park amemura.jpg
Triangle Park. I faintly remember this area from when my host family brought me here…

One of the stops we made before coming to Amemura was a store I really wanted to visit and see: Alice on Wednesday. Interesting name, but this store felt as if the Alice in Wonderland story came to life and transformed itself into an accessory store. Trevor surprised me by bringing me here when we were walking aimlessly around, looking for something to do. An amaaazing surprise indeed!

Did you notice the door is tiny?! You actually have to crouch down a bit to get inside. The inner part of the store is fairly small, yet feels cozy. Tons of accessories on one side of the store, treats and sweets (great for omiyage maybe?) on the other side by the registers.

I absolutely loved this store, it was so cute and everything Alice-y!

I didn’t get any pictures, but Trevor and I also stopped at an Irish bar near Dotonbori known as Murphy’s Bar. I don’t really remember much (haha) but I do recall both English-speaking bartenders to be very kind and genuine. I also tried an Australian pie for the first time (because when I get tipsy I get suuuuper hungry) and it was delicious! It reminded me of chicken pot pie… but without the veggies. Still really good though. I’m kind of salivating just thinking about it…

It doesn’t sound like much (maybe it wasn’t enough?) but we did walk around and ate a lot and our Halloween weekend was very fun. Too short though in my opinion. I wish we could have stayed for longer but… there’s work and saving up those vacation days for when we go and visit home again. It’s fine though. Maybe next year we can have a longer vacation time during Halloween. Osaka, we will be back for you again soon!

Happy Halloween! 😀

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