Cardcaptor Sakura Cafe in Tennoji, Osaka!!

When I was in elementary school, I loved Cardcaptors. Before I found out how horribly the dubbed version butchered the original Japanese series, I was always super excited to get home from school to watch whatever re-run episode aired on KidsWB (was that the channel or Toonami?) I remember as a child making my mom buy me the Cardcaptor Clow Cards set from Target, and reading the entire manga series on multiple occasions at my family friend, Christina’s house. Ahh… memories ❤

At the moment I saw that there was a Cardcaptor Sakura cafe opened in Osaka, I knew immediately, I needed to go. However, I also knew that I needed to be patient. We live almost 3 hours away from the central Osaka area, so I wasn’t going to be going anytime soon. Thankfully, I had a business trip up in Nara and Trevor told me that once work was done, we would go to the cafe. YAY!!! It was pretty good timing too, seeing as that the cafe was only going to be open for a certain amount of time. Double yay because since we went on a weekday, the place wasn’t as packed as what you would imagine it to be on a weekend.


The interior was amazing- everything was covered in Cardcaptor Sakura memorabilia. This was our second themed cafe to go to since we’ve moved here (our first was PomPomPurin cafe with my good friend, Eri!)… so I kind of forgot how expensive these places were lol. When we were seated, we were also given a list of rules… things such as no splitting the bill, the staff will choose your table for you, no taking pictures of things that say you can’t take pictures.

But the best part… the menu.


For weeks, I oggled the cafe’s menu on my cellphone screen, having the toughest time trying to decide what I should eat once we got there. I opted for Sakura’s pancakes (yuuuummm) and a very cute Kero orange cocoa drink (super cute!!). Trevor, who was slowly becoming hungry for dinner yet trying carefully for us not to overspend, opted on some nommy looking spaghetti… which ended up being too small for his appetite xD


The pancakes were so nice and fluffy!! I love Japanese pancakes- they’re much thicker and fluffier than ones I was used to back home. The pancake set came with some pink whipped cream with heart sprinkles, berry sauce, and syrup. So good.


And look at Kero-chan’s orange powder face!! And his wing-shaped sugar cubes that hang off the rim of the cup!!

Trevor’s dinner on the other hand…

It was much smaller than what the picture showed…

Budgeting can be such a pain… there were a lot of goodies and merchandise I wanted to buy, but the food and overall experience of being in the cafe made up for it.

For every item on the menu you buy, you get a free collectible Cardcaptor Sakura coaster! I guess I didn’t need to worry about a souvenir!

I was really happy and lucky to have had the chance to visit this cafe. It brought back such big feelings of childhood nostalgia for me ❤


4 thoughts on “Cardcaptor Sakura Cafe in Tennoji, Osaka!!

  1. Yeah, as a child, I absolutely loved Cardcaptors to! I just had no idea the story wasn’t exactly the same as the original until I hit high school maybe?


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