My First Year of Flower Arrangement (Part 2: Fall 2016)

Here they are! My completed pieces from fall semester’s flower arrangement club. Unfortunately, I was only able to attend around five of the eight meeting times… Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to next year! Can’t wait to see what other flowers and techniques we’ll be working with. πŸ™‚


We started the semester off in September with bold sunflowers and pampas grass!


This is my favorite piece that I’ve done yet. I had so much fun curling the leaves. I got a lot of good comments on it, and my vice-principal noted that it showed “Japanese beauty”! xD


It may not look fall-ish, but that long branch curving upward is really from a momiji (Japanese maple) tree- the leaves just haven’t turned into their vivid red-orange color yet.


This is a big group-work project that the flower arrangement club worked on for the village’s culture festival. My flower arrangement teacher thought of the arrangement of the bamboo poles and the students and I worked on filling each hole with a wide variety of colorful flowers. ηš†γ•γ‚“γ€γŠη–²γ‚Œζ§˜γ§γ—γŸοΌ


Last piece of the semester. I came in a tad late to this session, so instead of using Angel carnations (as the board says), I used some leftover flowers from the culture festival! The branch is also a cherry blossom branch. But because at this time, the weather was becoming cooler, they are called “Samuzakura,” literally, “cold cherry blossoms.” The tiny blossoms are white like snow- which so far, is non-existent where we are xD

Now, I don’t know when flower arrangement will be up and running again. Will there be a winter session before the new year starts in April? We shall see…



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