An Owl Cafe in Nara?!

Did you know that Nara has an owl cafe? I always thought you could only find these kinds of themed cafes in the bigger cities like Osaka or Tokyo.

When my mom and cousin were here visiting, we all went to Owl Cafe Wata Wata (Nara’s first Owl Cafe!) together- until my cousin chickened out of seeing the owls. And if she wasn’t going in, my mom wasn’t either. Since we don’t come up to Nara city often, Trevor and I didn’t want to miss a chance at seeing owls up close and personal.


The owner is very sweet and a bit eccentric. His English was amazing and he had a really good sense of humor about his owls. You can tell he has a strong relationship with his buddies just by the way he cautions you about petting them, and making sure you call out their name in Japanese as you’re doing so.


With one or two fingers, you can gently pet their heads while calling out their name!

For the most part, you can freely approach the owls and pet them. Some of the owls though were on “break.” (This is so the owls don’t get too stressed out from the hundreds of strangers that come in to see them)

Ken-chan, the Snowy Owl (or as we like to refer to as Harry Potter’s owl) is the mascot of this little cafe. He was sooooo cute and very sweet.


Almost all of the owls are very docile and tame. There are a couple owls who you can tell are the adorable troublemakers though!

We didn’t take any pictures of this little guy, but Kin-chan is one of those characters who are the “small but acts like they’re huge” owls. He’s very cute and very loud!
(You can see his picture on the cafe’s website listed at the bottom- the site is in Japanese, but to look at the owls, look for the menu that says
「フクロウ紹介」. Kin-chan is spelled in Japanese: 「きんちゃん」)


Shin-chan was Trevor’s favorite. He looks like a beast! And those eyes…


Shin-chan the African Eagle Owl!

I think Fuku-chan is my favorite. Throughout the time we were in the cafe, Fuku-chan looked like he was trying to escape his post… He managed to jump on a girl’s head (hair and all) and on my arm!


Fuku-chan is a Tawny Owl!

1300 yen gets one person an entry into the Owl Cafe Wata Wata. You technically pay for a drink, but the cost covers the experience of seeing the owls and spending time with them for up to an hour. Younger kids only get to pay 800 yen.


There’s also some owl merchandise you can buy!… but the owner tells us that Yuki-chan the Barn Owl gets a little fussy when you touch “her” stuff LOL

I never really thought of owls being an animal I really liked… but now I think they’re one of my favorites!

You can visit Owl Cafe Wata Wata website to see more! (Japanese only)


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