My Second Year of Flower Arrangement (Part 1: Spring-Summer 2017)

A typhoon is approaching the region…! There was testing today and the students are being rushed home aka no classes for me. That means blog post. That means… another gallery of flower arrangements are here! The first set to my second year!!

Compared to last year though, there isn’t quite as much (Four compared to last year’s seven!!) That’s due to me and Trevor visiting home during the month of May, so I missed out on a few sessions.

But nonetheless, my collection of flower arrangement pics are growing! It’s pretty exciting to see everything I’ve worked on. I don’t know, I’m pretty proud of it!! 🙂

Although, the one thing I’m trying to work on is consistency. I’m trying to decide if I should just use the white wall or the green chalkboard as my background… I prefer the chalkboard, but it’s tough to get a picture when there are times where I can’t erase whatever is left behind on the board.

I want to do better next semester.

Welp, enjoy!


First and only piece of April! There was a shortage of flowers to use so a couple of us volunteered to use some of the flowers from the Nyuugaku-shiki (Students Entrance Ceremony). That explains why the lilies look a little too big…


First piece I did after returning back to Japan from the States! Played with the curves and swirls of the plant’s natural design.


Sunflowers and a plant that reminds me of bamboo! (I should really start taking notes on what flowers and plants are being used…) Thinking I should have used a different vase to emphasis horizontal length….


Last one! I think this one is my favorite. My teacher helped me think of the general design. I really like that it looks like a sailboat!

Thanks for taking a look! 😀


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