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Welcome to our blog!

My name is Sara and I’m an ALT (Assistant Language Teacher). My husband Trevor and I are currently living in Totsukawa, a mountainous and isolated village in southern Nara prefecture. We were both born and raised in Minnesota: land of 10,000 lakes, ice fishing, and a pretty sad football team.

We both relocated to Japan after I was accepted onto the JET Program (Japan Exchange and Teaching Program). I applied in October of 2014 and was shortlisted for the following 2015-2016 year. As of December 2016, I’ve signed onto another year (3rd year!), and we’re *hoping* on staying for all five. Coming to Japan, much less living and working here, has always been a dream of mine. Regardless of living in Japan’s largest village and how far away we are from big towns and cities, we both are very happy to be living where we are.

This blog was made in order to update the many friends and family back home on how life is for us here in Japan. And many of the wonderful photos showcasing the beauty of our second home are taken by Trevor, who is doing an amazing job of showing our loved ones the many happenings we encounter.

(Updated June 1st, 2017) If you are curious, please take the time to visit this link to see videos my husband Trevor makes and uploads onto YouTube. He’s documenting some of the things we do during our time in Japan and in Totsukawa. Make sure to subscribe for more videos in the future!


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