Where Do We Live?

Trevor and I currently live in Totsukawa, Japan’s largest village (in terms of land mass: 672.4 km²) located in the southern area of Nara prefecture.

Totsukawa takes up a nice chunk of Yoshino-gun (southern Nara)

So what makes Totsukawa special?

Other than being Japan’s biggest village, Totsukawa is also home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site and other famous landmarks. These include:

  • Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range
    • Omine Okugakemichi Route
    • Kumano Sankeimichi Kohechi Route
      • Hatenashi Mountain Pass
  • Tamaki Shrine
  • Tanize Suspension Bridge
    • One of Japan’s longest steel-wired suspension bridges
  • Sasa no Taki (Waterfall of Bamboo Grass)
  • Dorokyo Gorge
  • 21st Century Forest (Home to many rhododendron plants that bloom in the spring)
  • Hot springs (Did you know that the hot springs of Totsukawa were the first in all of Japan to be titled as “Gensen Kakenagashi Onsen?” Gensen kakenagashi onsen means that the hot spring is naturally running and doesn’t recycle any of its used water and is naturally heated and doesn’t require any additional minerals)

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