In Honor of My Dad: Khampheng Sengpanya

*I know this isn’t exactly Japan or Totsukawa related, but I just really wanted to do a post in honor of my Dad for his 2 year anniversary since his passing* Continue reading “In Honor of My Dad: Khampheng Sengpanya”


Silver Week (Pt 2): Shingu, Wakayama

If you read my very first post, you would know that the road to the closest city where I could do grocery shopping (an hour away) had been blocked off and closed due to a landslideΒ that occurred before my arrival in Totsukawa. Before we left on our mini vacation to Osaka, my JTE from the Junior High School informed me that the road to Shingu had opened the week before. My initial thoughts: YES!!! I can finally do grocery shopping at a store that isn’t more than an hour away!!! Continue reading “Silver Week (Pt 2): Shingu, Wakayama”