JET Program 20 Questions

It’s already October! Halloween will be here shortly. Then Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years… Time seems to go by quicker and quicker with each year… Since the school year has started, classes have kept me busy! Not that I’m complaining- I love spending time with the students and seeing them learn new things and enjoying…

Getting My Japanese Driver’s License

Wow, it truly has been a while. Almost four months of no updates to this blog… To be honest, there’s been a lot going on since my last update. Getting my driver’s license was all I could think about for the last two months. But now that it’s finally over, I can take the time…

What’s Been Going On? (Feb. 4th Update)

明けましておめでとうございます〜 Happy New Year! Even though it’s been a month…. I’m really sorry about that! Asides from being able to see my mom and cousin during winter and New Year’s break, winter has not been good to me. Here’s what’s been going on:

What’s Been Going On??? (Nov. 18 Update)

Once again, that long period of nothing updating on my blog has made its appearance! Sorry about that… 😦 Here is an update on what’s been going on since my last post!