Fuji Safari Park & Night Safari

On the way back from our road trip to the Kanto area, Trevor and I decided to spend a night somewhere around Mt. Fuji. As we sat in the parking lot in Kanagawa getting ready to leave, we decided to stop by Fuji Safari Park, a zoo located at the foot of said volcano.

Whale sharks!! Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

If you read my 10 things from July post, you would know that around the end of July, our good friends, Marine and Ben stopped by in the Osaka area to hang out. Despite the absurd amount of humidity gradually sweating out our sanity, we had a great time bringing them around Osaka and Nara….

An Owl Cafe in Nara?!

Did you know that Nara has an owl cafe? I always thought you could only find these kinds of themed cafesĀ in the bigger cities like Osaka or Tokyo. When my mom and cousin were here visiting, we all went to Owl Cafe Wata Wata (Nara’s first Owl Cafe!) together- until my cousin chickened out of…

Mom Comes to Visit!: Shirahama, Wakayama

For winter break, my mom and cousin came to visit me and Trevor from the states. During their two-week stay, we brought them around to places like Osaka, Nara, and Totsukawa, but I think one of the highlights of their vacation was our day trip to Shirahama, Wakayama.