Japan Bucket List!

Having lived in Japan for over a year now, there are a lot of things that Trevor and I have done, and a lot of things that we haven’t experienced yet that we would like to hopefully achieve one day. Since the New Year is coming up, I thought it would be a good idea to have this list up on the blog so that we can look back on it in the future. I’m sure there are plenty of things we want to try and do, but for now, here is the list! (Updated: Oct. 11, 2019)

Kansai Region



  • See Todaiji and the giant bronze gilded Buddha
  • Visit the deer!
  • Explore Naramachi
  • Visit an owl cafe
  • Visit Isuien Garden (maybe during autumn or cherry blossom season)
  • View cherry blossoms at Yoshinoyama
  • Witness Wakakusa Yamayaki (mountain burning)


  • Visit Nachi Falls and the adjourning Kumano Nachi Taisha (Kumano Nachi Grand Shrine)
  • See Japan’s largest torii gate in Hongu
  • Visit the resort town Shirahama



  • Visit Fushimi Inari Shrine and experience the thousand vermillion torii gates
    • Climb to the very top!
  • Visit Arashiyama
  • Visit the monkey park in Arashiyama (!)
  • Experience dressing up as an Oiran
  • See Kiyomizudera
  • See Kinkakuji (the Golden Pavillion)
  • Visit the Manga Museum


  • See Kobe Luminarie
  • See Himeji Castle
  • Explore Kobe


Other Parts of Japan

  • Climb Mt. Fuji
  • Experience Sapporo Yuki Matsuri (Sapporo Snow Festival)
  • See Fox Village in Miyagi prefecture
  • Go to Tokyo
  • Visit Hiroshima and the Bunny Island
  • Go to the Meiji Mura Museum in Aichi (*NEW*)


Other personal goals

  • Pass JLPT N4 (Jan. 24th, 2017)
  • Pass JLPT N3 (Aug. 23rd, 2017)
  • Pass JLPT N2 (Jan. 21st, 2018)
  • Pass JLPT N1 lol
  • Take the Kanji Kentei
  • Visit every Pokemon Center in Japan
    • Sapporo
    • Tohoku region (Sendai)
    • Tokyo
    • Yokohama
    • Gotemba (Shizuoka)
    • Nagoya
    • Osaka
    • Kyoto (*NEW*)
    • Hiroshima
    • Fukuoka
  • Get a tattoo!!!
  • Buy a lot of manga to take home, including some old favorites like…
    • the original Cardcaptor Sakura collection
    • Yotsu!
    • Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card arc
    • Fruits Basket

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