Reminders of war and UXO: COPE Visitor Centre in Vientiane, Laos

Whenever Trevor and I plan on traveling to another foreign country, I always make it a habit of researching and finding anything that looks interesting to us and pinning it on Google maps. As many restaurants, cafes, famous sightseeing spots, etc as I can find. I star them just in case we want to check them out if we run into a “what should we do now” moment. I’m really happy I had the COPE Visitor Centre starred- on our second day in Vientiane after failing to find a photo studio for me to take traditional sao Lao portraits, we were lucky that this place was a near-by walk from where we were at the time. Lucky is putting it too simply- after witnessing what we saw, I highly recommend this place for anyone visiting Laos. Continue reading “Reminders of war and UXO: COPE Visitor Centre in Vientiane, Laos”


Three Days in Vientiane, Laos

It was 7AM and the 11-hour night bus we had taken from Bangkok had dropped us off at the border town of Nong Khai. This was definitely unfamiliar territory and while we were so close to our destination, we still needed to figure out how to cross the border. My stubbornness brought us about a 20 or so minute walk (away from the border crossing) to the nearest train station trying to convince Trevor that this was how everyone got into Laos from Thailand (Spoiler alert: it’s not the only way, there’s actually a much simpler method to get in) After a good half hour or so of fumbling around (and realizing that the train going to Thanalang, where we were headed, only ran twice a day and we were way too early for the next one to arrive), Trevor and I finally regained our bearings and headed towards the immigration office. We were finally going to Laos.  Continue reading “Three Days in Vientiane, Laos”

Life and Mental Update

I was going to start this post off with something more positive but the truth of it is, I don’t feel positive now. The weather right now is on-and-off pouring and the sky is a depressing shade of grey- appropriate I suppose, for my general attitude of life at the moment. In fact, after such a great weekend road tripping across a part of Japan, feeling so many wonderful feelings of freedom, independence, and accomplishment at getting us to and fro safely… it now pretty much feels as if it all crumbled away into this damp and bleak nothingness that … Continue reading Life and Mental Update

Our Trip to Seoul!

This year I had 10 days off for Golden Week!! Golden Week usually takes place during the end of April and early May. The week long holiday consists of several national holidays such as Showa Day, Constitution Day, Greenery Day, and Children’s Day. This time of the year also becomes busy for all kinds of travelers and businesses- in other words, travel season. In the past years I’ve had maybe at most a 6-day Golden Week vacation (automatically off, no vacation time needed) but this year because of the new Emperor’s ascension to the throne, 10 days were given for … Continue reading Our Trip to Seoul!

13 Things My Dad Would Have Loved About Japan

October 24th marks the day when my Dad passed away. To this day, he’s been gone for 4 years. I miss him immensely every day. He was my biggest supporter with me coming to Japan, and to live here and not be able to show him how my life has been hurts. I wish he was here to experience Japan for himself because I know there would have been many things he would like. Here’s a list of things he would have loved about Japan: Continue reading “13 Things My Dad Would Have Loved About Japan”

Sailor Moon Cafe 2017 at DELASOUL CHARBON

Are you nostalgic for 90’s anime classics like Cardcaptors, Cowboy Bebop, Yu Yu Hakusho, or Sailor Moon like I am? I’m not afraid to admit that these were the series that I thrived on growing up. Those titles will always hold a special place in my heart- they are the classics that made my childhood!!

Which is why, like with the Cardcaptor Sakura cafe I visited with Trevor last year in August, I knew I had to try and visit the Sailor Moon Cafe in Osaka at some point before it closes. Continue reading “Sailor Moon Cafe 2017 at DELASOUL CHARBON”